Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Get the specific tools you need to make your car run as smooth as possible. At PROFLO PERFORMANCE HOSE AND FITTINGS in Whittier, California, we manufacture braided hoses that are perfect for any make and model of vehicle.  

Detailed Manufacturing

Our hoses are produced with a superior CPE inner liner that holds temperatures and can be purchased with either stainless steel or black nylon braiding over it. Unlike regular hoses, our company's crafted stainless steel hoses hold against all additives in fuels. We have three different styles of hoses available in blue, red, and black: stainless steel braided rubber, Nylon®, and the push lock hose. In addition to these excellent products, we also have a PTFE, which is a Teflon® inner liner hose for break lines, power steering, and clutch that can be used for nitrous systems.


Hose Ends

Improve fluid or air flow and prevent swirling with the perfect hose end. Hose ends are items used to connect the hose to the motor and can be adapted for air, water, fuel, or oil. These small articles are great for any model of car, boat, or motorcycle.

Contact us to order our lined, braided hoses to improve the performance and longevity of your engine.